Accessorizing NeoCon

I showed up to Neocon early this year because we had designed the Kimball showroom, and I wanted to make sure the final touches made it look great.  I arrived Thursday morning and found boxes everywhere. As the boxes cleared by mid afternoon I realized that the plan for “minimal” accessorizing was not going to work.  We needed art, we needed more plants, and we needed tchotchkes. Especially in the areas we had designated “living room” and “library”.  I started with a list of shops and resources my designer Kelly Waters had compiled; I called around, got in a cab, searched for a few just-right treasures.  Thursday and Friday were a bust, but finally Saturday I found most everything at one shop.  And that was the day our art arrived, all in the nick of time.  Just enough, not too much, still minimal, but these last touches really made a few of the spaces.

Here is a view of some street art on the green wall, and some succulents on table tops in the library lounge space.

A wood cutting board in the shape of a shield.